Maker Shop celebrates the art of being a great collaborator. Meet some of the people behind our projects and hear some of the stories behind our materials.

Larry Krone, Artist and Multi-talented Marvel

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Collage Genius, John Hiltunen: Todd's inspiration for the Rainbow’s Edge Dress image is one of his favorite artists, John Hiltunen (1949-2020).

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Presley Oldham: The Boy Who Crawled on the Runway (and became a jewelry designer!)

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The print for the Horse Dress was inspired by the craft-room classic Paint-By-Numbers, and originally made its debut in Fall 1990. Todd has a large collection of horse paintings!

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A real life magic trick that turns printed paper into beautiful fabric! Many of our fabrics use a printing technique that originated in the late 1950s. No computers necessary.

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This 55-foot cowboy’s outfit was the inspiration for our ‘Lotta Dress’ — wide cut, a large yoke, and enormous pockets.

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